If your choice of accommodation is a vacation rental property there are many advantages to staying there especially the issue of having a lot of space; when you are going on vacation as a group or as a family. In fact most people prefer vacation rentals to hotel stays, a 2015 TripAdvisor study found that nearly 60% of respondents were likely to stay at a vacation rental.

Some basic reasons why most travelers prefer vacation rentals include:

  • better pricing
  • better amenities
  • more space
  • a more home like feel
  • a full kitchen
  • stunning views and
  • pet-friendly lodging


For some travelers the question is which percentage are they categorized in, the 60% or 40% in respect of their likeliness to stay in a vacation rental? This article will discuss vacation rentals and what you stand to gain or lose by choosing that over hotels.

What do you stand to gain? – Vacation rentals allow you to enjoy more space, more privacy and more money left in your pocket as compared to a hotel stay. It further allows you to have access to a kitchen and washer or dryer.

What you will miss out on – because of the variety and varied listing of vacation rentals you may not get the exact same benefits on all vacation rentals. For example, private single-family homes may not have the same amenities that condos or villas in a resort community have. For single-family homes you may have to forgo maid service, concierge service, room service and in-house restaurants. In some cases you may be required to bring your own linen, beach towels etc. Also beach homes tends to be rigid in that the check-in dates are stricter than hotels and have a set schedule, for example, duration periods may be set between Saturday and Saturday. Further, beach chairs, bikes and baby equipment may not be available and you will need to rent these on your own.

How long can you stay? – Some seasonal beach destinations have a strict rental schedule and other properties may have a seven night minimum stay rule however, there is an increase in vacation rentals that are available from one to two nights as a minimum stay which is a great option for a weekend getaway, however, this varies depending on your destination therefore it is important to do a bit of research first.

Family and group appropriate – vacation rentals are perfect for families and groups. This is mainly because vacation rentals are practical and economical for people travelling in large groups as compared to staying in a hotel as a group. There is enough space for privacy and togetherness. Also vacation rentals take away the need for parents to dress their children up for breakfast every morning as required in hotels. In vacation rentals pajamas are acceptable at all hours of the day.

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