Waterfall Tour Costa Rica

On this adventure, we take you to a hidden paradise very close to Liberia, Llanos de Cortes is an amazing waterfall in the area if you want to have a different experience than the beach; beach is lovely here in Guanacaste, but what about a waterfall?

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Miravalles Waterfalls

Miravalles volcano, harbors humid rainforests, paramos, premontane forest and dry tropical forest. It is also a source of geothermal energy for the production of electricity. You can even find some places where volcanic mud arises from the ground.  

Río Celeste Hike

Its coloration is due to an optical effect produced by the dispersion of sunlight due to the high concentration of aluminum silicates that its waters possess. An astonishing light blue water, surrounded by different animals and plants, which makes it even more atractive since the nature seen its mostly located in that type of weather.