Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Costa Rica

Around our area, the most common and best point for either of these two water activities, is the Catalina Island.

Water temperatures in Guanacaste area are always around 60-86ºF, and visibility can of course variate, but it is way better during the mornings.

We will be looking to show you sharks, rays, angel fish, butterfly fish, balloon fish varieties and large schools of colorful fish. Join us on this extremely exciting adventure!

Private Morning Catamaran

On this private sailboat and snorkeling tour, you can truly embrace the pura vida surrounded by your family and friends.  The private morning catamaran is a sailboat and snorkeling tour that is one of the best family friendly activities in Playa Flamingo. With this tour we set sail early and head north experiencing the sights and sounds of the coastline. Our experienced guides will keep an eye out for marine life and you will have the chance to enjoy some fabulous bird watching. Many animals, both land and sea, are most active in the morning so this sailboat and snorkeling tour is a great way to see some exciting animals. You might even get the chance to touch a puffer fish or an octopus! With Lazy Lizard Sailing, you can relax and enjoy the day knowing that you’re in the hands of an experienced crew equipped with high-quality equipment. 

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Private Sunset Catamaran

This is the perfect experience for family, friends, co-workers, or a unique sail with that special someone. Your private sailing tour will leave from Playa Flamingo and includes all the facilities and activities of our open cruises but is exclusively for your private group.  To make it a comfortable experience for you and your guests, you can customize your trip, options could include a longer tour, specific food and drink requests, additional activities in the water, you just name it!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Costa Rica is great for both new divers and highly experienced divers looking to explore the underwater world. The nutrient-rich coastal waters and undersea rock formations, combine to create a diving experience that is unique to this area. Offshore at the Catalinas Islands, you will be exploring volcanic rock formations that are home to a wide variety of marine life. Typical marina animals include sea turtles, eagle rays and moray eels. Seahorses, octopi and white tip reef sharks are also frequently seen in this area.   Whether you are interested in a discovery course, coming to Costa Rica to get certified or are simply looking for a guide to join you on your open water dive, we can connect you to the correct organization. Safety is of our utmost importance in the water!

Snorkeling Catalina's Island

The best snorkeling near Playa Flamingo is undoubtedly offshore at the Catalinas Islands. For this extreme snorkeling tour, we will head offshore to the iconic islands that dot the horizon of Playa Flamingo and Potrero. Here there are stunning underwater rock formations of volcanic rock which are home to a variety of marine life. These stunning underwater rock formations provide an incredible landscape to explore. The tranquility of being underwater here is truly spectacular.  Although we cannot gaurantee you will see specific marine life,  you will absolutely enjoy the sight of many tropical fish. On many occassions we have also seen whitetip sharks, different types of rays, moray eels, nudibranchs, angel fish and butterfly fish. The underwater scenery here is spectacular and you are in for a treat if you decide to embark on a snorkeling tour to the Catalinas Islands. We recommend an early tour as that is when wildlife is the most active and the lighting is best.

Tropical Sunset Catamaran Tour

One of the top things to do in Playa Flamingo is the sunset sailing tour. With Lazy Lizard Sailing, you can relax and enjoy the afternoon, knowing that you’re in the hands of the most experienced crew in the area. On this sunset sailing tour, you will enjoy a relaxing afternoon of sailing, snorkeling and lounging around in the sun. After a relaxing afternoon in a secluded cove, we will sail along the coast as the sun falls below the horizon. Be sure to pack a towel, sunscreen and sunglasses for this fun and exciting afternoon at sea!