Terms and conditions


All services booked by Customer are paid for in advance by Lizard Tours  and confirmations are issued to the Customer electronically for convenience. No bookings can be considered confirmed until we verify availability and payment is made. We will issue booking confirmations by email.We are happy to accommodate any service modifications made up to 24 hours from the time of the Service; the only fees, penalties, and time restrictions  Lizard Tours will impose on the Customer are those which are imposed by the applicable service providers and not under our control. Last minute modifications requests (24-48hrs from the time of service). Any services or modifications requests cannot be considered confirmed or guaranteed until Customer makes new payment arrangements if there is a price increase, and Lizard Tpurs provides Customer with updated confirmations.



The Company Lizard Tours Dos mil Diez y seis, together with its affiliates, partners, owners, directors, officers, agents, and act only as agents selling travel related services and booking such services. while we strive only to work with the best service providers, the Lizard ToursDos Mil Diez y seis  indemnified parties are in no way liable for any act or omission made by any service provider, the results of which may include but are not limited to damages, loss, or injuries to customer or other travelers paid for or traveling with customer. you acknowledge and agree that the anywhere indemnified parties have performed reasonable due diligence into helping put together connections with third-party service providers that suit your expressly stated preferences, but that in each occasion the ultimate decision to select specific requested services and engage specific third-party service providers is solely and exclusively the customers decision, and is based on the customer’s own investigation into the options available to customer, and not solely on the advice or recommendation of the anywhere indemnified parties. additionally, the activities involved in the requested services may involve dangerous activities, unfamiliar locations and other risks associated with traveling abroad. please be aware that the customer is solely and exclusively responsible for their own well being and for their belongings and possessions, and that customer is engaging in each of the requested services and related activities at customer’s own risk, and customer hereby expressly assumes that risk. the Lizard Tours indemnified parties cannot and shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or injuries occasioned by your travels or the services of third-party service providers, or that are outside its realm of control.

by continuing with payment, customer voluntarily, knowingly and willingly assumes all risk and full responsibility for all that may occur during travel, whether known or unknown, and hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Lizard tours indemnified parties harmless against any such damages, losses, or injuries to customer and all other travelers the requested services apply to. customers payment indicates consent to the above terms and conditions and on behalf of all accompanying travelers and agrees to convey the contents of this agreement to all other travelers the above services requested may apply to.



All cancellation requests must be received in writing and the following penalties. No refunds for no-shows or unused portions of accommodations or packages. No refunds due to airline delays, strikes, political unrest or Acts of God including Hurricanes. Tour and Transportation Penalties: Tour and Transportation Penalties: If cancellation is requested less than 24 hours prior to the date of service, NO REFUND,

Please note:

* We do not cancel because of rain*!!
* Absolutely we do not refund if the clients miss the bus or do not show*!! *Payment can be made by Credit card, Cash Dollars or Colones.
* Proof of payment must be Emailed to Lizardtours@gmail.com if other forms of payment are made before confirmation will be issued.