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Guanacaste is commonly known for beach and adventure activities, that's our special!
We've variety of ATV, Monkey Buggy and snorkeling tours. As well we have the option to combine different options, or create combos of three different tours, can you imagine? Our team is filled in with adrenaline, and we are all fun-lovers, that's why we're glad to be part of creating amazing experiences here in Costa Rica for you!!

ATV - Monkey sanctuary adventure

About the Congo Trail Monkey Sanctuary: With the invassion of civilization into monkey habitats the number of orphaned monkeys has gone up and keeps on going up. It's d Our ATV wildlife tour is a fun and exciting way to see the area and experience some of the native wildlife. Combing a mountain ATV tour and a visit to the monkey sanctuary, this unique tour is a great option for experiencing the mountainous part of Guanacaste. Enjoy a scenic ATV ride with beautiful vistas and challenging uphill climbs. After arriving at the small village of Artola, we will make our way to the Congo Trail Monkey Sanctuary.   Once we arrive at the monkey sanctuary, you will be able to get up close with these fascinating and intelligent animals. Home to one of the only certified and inspected monkey orphanages in Costa Rica, the Congo Trail Monkey Sanctuary is an important rescue center for these creatures. For this tour, we will be focusing on the monkey sanctuary but please inquire if you are interested in the other available activities offered on site such as zip lines and horseback riding tours. This is a great family-friendly tour! own the back road trails to the Pacific seashore. During the atv tour you can stop for a visit to the monkey sanctuary. 

Canyon Combo Tour

Zip-lining in Costa Rica is a MUST! There are so many options for places to go zip-lining across Costa Rica but if you are looking for something intimate and close to Potrero, the Congo Trail is a fantastic option. The Congo Trail is great for families with children because not only is it a zip-line adventure park, it is also a wildlife rescue center. When you embark on the Zip-line Inside a Forest Tour, you are in for a fun and exciting adventure.  For added thrill, consider booking the ATV & Zip-Line tour where you will have the opportunity to ride ATVs to the Congo Trail. No matter how you get there, you are sure to love this fun and exhilarating tour that is only 90 minutes away! 

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Cultural Buggy Tour

The Cultural Buggy Tour is a must if you want to see and experience Costa Rican culture, particularly the culture of Guanacaste. On this fun and exciting tour, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds: adrenaline pumping excitement and an interesting cultural experience. Unique to Lizard Tours, the monkey buggies will give you the freedom to explore the area like never before. Hop in one of the custom-built buggies and set out for a truly adventurous day!  On the Cultural Buggy Tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the backroads of Guanacaste with a knowledgeable guide who is available to answer questions. This guide will share information about local history, historical sites and interesting information as you explore the lesser-known backroads near Playa Potrero. There are plenty of spectacular secret spots just outside of normal car access. You’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush, driving down roads you would never take your own car on. Contact us to learn more!

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MonteVerde Cloud Forest

There are different ways to enjoy the cloud forest of Monteverde, and its beauty. From trails, to hanging bridges... As you enter the forest, you will find a variety of spectacular wildlife. The reason why it is a cloud forest, is its humidity, being at 1,600 meters above sea level.

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Palo Verde Wildlife Cruise

Palo Verde National Park is the perfect destination if you are interested in a guided wildlife tour in Guanacaste. Bordering the Tempisque River, Palo Verde National Park is one of the last true tropical dry forests and is a very important hub for native animals. From mangroves, swamps, lagoons and grasslands, there are 15 different kinds of habitats in the park. Home to a variety of native animals, specifically birds, the Palo Verde boat tour is a wildlife enthusiasts dream!  The Palo Verde boat tour is especially great for those interested in bird watching as it is a key spot for migrant birds from the Americas. Birds that have been spotted include: Great Curassows, Scarlet Macaws, White Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Anhingas, Jabirus, and Wood Storks, among many others. Crocodiles, white-nosed coatis, white-tailed deer, howler and capuchin monkeys are also commonly seen. If you are looking for a great day trip and are interested in a guided wildlife tour, this is a great option. It is highly recommended for families, senior citizens and anyone who has difficulty walking long distances.  

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Tropical Sunset Catamaran Tour

One of the top things to do in Playa Flamingo is the sunset sailing tour. With Lazy Lizard Sailing, you can relax and enjoy the afternoon, knowing that you’re in the hands of the most experienced crew in the area. On this sunset sailing tour, you will enjoy a relaxing afternoon of sailing, snorkeling and lounging around in the sun. After a relaxing afternoon in a secluded cove, we will sail along the coast as the sun falls below the horizon. Be sure to pack a towel, sunscreen and sunglasses for this fun and exciting afternoon at sea!

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